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Transforming the World of Freight

Go By Truck, a social media giant and news outlet for the trucking industry, is announcing the launch of a transformational product. The Go By Truck freight-management application allows shippers, carriers and drivers to conduct business in the free market and the eliminates excessive costs associated with today's broker-dependent model, something no other product has done for the freight and logistics industries.

Available online at www.gobytruck.com, the innovative technology addresses the problems that slow down transportation and drive up costs. Go By Truck owners Dawn Strobel and Kevin Hiller designed the management platform to create a better business environment for everyone involved.

"There is a fundamental lack of gratitude in today's trucking industry," explains Hiller. "We believe that if shippers and carriers start asking what they can do for each other, their own businesses will profit, as well. Gratitude and give-back are the foundation of the Go By Truck application."

To achieve a business model based on honesty and appreciation, Go By Truck created a number of proprietary technologies.

The application utilizes an online banking platform to benefit both shippers and carriers. Businesses can negotiate transactions based on the spot market with real-time pricing. This means that loads are delivered faster and trucks stay full. Invoicing and auditing are fully automated, so shippers can release payment upon delivery, making the process more efficient for everyone. Owner-operators no longer have to turn over a portion of their profits to a factoring company; while shippers have all the documentation they need right at their fingertips.

Security and safety are top priorities for the Go By Truck team. All carriers and shippers on the Go By Truck platform are verified businesses. Carriers must comply with top safety standards. The transparency built into the application holds each party accountable to the other, a condition of doing business Go By Truck insists on.

"Kevin and I recognize it is getting tougher and tougher for smaller carriers to compete in the industry regardless of the fact that they are hauling the majority of the nation's freight," explains Strobel. "We saw technology leaving trucking in the dust, and we knew we had to do something to bring innovation to the industry."

Go By Truck's innovation includes its freight listing and finding tool, which automatically matches carriers with loads based on trailer type, parameters and space available. This technology saves carriers time searching through static load boards and speeds up the process of freight matching to get the shipper's product on the road as quickly as possible.

Go By Truck also offers a locating app for drivers as a companion to its freight management tool. Installed on drivers' mobile devices, it allows carriers to find their drivers and shippers to pinpoint their shipment's exact location. The unprecedented design does not save a history of the drivers' locations, so privacy is never an issue.

Because Go By Truck recognizes the value of gratitude in all aspects of life, the company has created a rewards program for all of its users. Any driver, shipper or carrier who recommends the Go By Truck platform to a new user gets rewarded every time that user makes a transaction. Referrals to the Go By Truck community have limitless value, and the rewards reflect that.

To sign up on the Go By Truck network, please visit www.gobytruck.com. For more information about Go By Truck or to schedule an interview with co-owners Dawn Strobel or Kevin Hiller, please call 417-501-8919 or email Ms. Strobel at dstrobel@gobytruck.com.

Go By Truck Fact Sheet

Kevin Hiller and Dawn Strobel founded Go By Truck in 2012 with a vision of making the trucking industry a better place to do business. After two years of development, the full application launched in Beta Jan. 17, 2014. A growing staff of programmers, writers, public relations specialists and customer support experts maintain the Go By Truck network, providing a satisfying customer experience on all fronts.

Go By Truck Mission
Go By Truck's mission is to reintroduce freedom in the freight industry by providing a sustainable free market solution through moral innovation.

  • For Freedom: We believe in challenging those who stifle freedom and find it our duty to restore America to her rightful place where the quality of our freedom is again measured by the choices we have.
  • A Free Market Solution: Freedom is provided to the freight industry through the great virtue of a sustainable free market system where access and opportunity are available to the many rather than the few.
  • Through Innovation: By developing a technology leading online application, automating the freight process with services such as freight finding and carrier safety to payment and auditing, Go By Truck delivers the path to the future of transportation.

Go By Truck Vision
To inspire the trucking industry to again unite, helping to drive an unstoppable sense of pride and independence where the American spirit can thrive.

How is Go By Truck Different?
Go By Truck is designed to offer solutions for drivers, carriers and shippers by tightening relationships, eliminating unnecessary expense and increasing transparency.

  • For the Driver: The driver is the heart of the trucking industry. Go By Truck's reward system is open to anyone using the system, but it is especially designed to help drivers develop their contacts and build their savings. We believe in offering the driver a better path to ownership.
  • For the Carrier: Carriers using the Go By Truck application are using new technology that allows them to match their empty trucks with the right loads. Carriers quote directly to shippers, so they no longer have to navigate the burdensome process of dealing with a broker. Plus, the automated banking platform allows for release of payment upon delivery. No more factoring companies or waiting weeks for a check.
  • For the Shipper: Shippers benefit with Go By Truck by working directly with companies that have been pre-vetted for safety and reliability. They save approximately 30 percent off standard fees by taking quotes directly from the carrier and paying Go By Truck only one low 10-percent fee per transaction. The online system also eliminates the hassles of audits and invoices.

The Go By Truck Community

From the beginning, Go By Truck has recognized that we cannot effect positive change in the trucking industry if we do not come together as a community. We strive to keep up a constant stream of communication with drivers, carriers and shippers so that we can understand and respond to their needs.

Go By Truck News
Go By Truck News is a credible, entertaining and easy-to-navigate source for industry news. The site provides news pertinent to all industry players, as well as original feature stories to connect our audience members to each other on a more personal level. The comments and forums section of Go By Truck News let our readers connect directly to each other.

Go By Truck Facebook Page
The Go By Truck Facebook page is a community made up mostly of truck drivers and their loved ones, but it is open to anyone who is interested in what it's like to drive a big rig. Our members love the witty and poignant posts that capture the spirit of American trucking, and they respond with lively discussions, personal photographs and support for one another. The page boasts approximately 113,000 "likes" and actively engages tens of thousands of people every week.

Go By Truck has a huge reach on LinkedIn, where CEOs Kevin Hiller (www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id-237087739) and Dawn Strobel (www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=49295122) connect with approximately 10,000 people in the freight and logistics industry. Both Hiller and Strobel are active in multiple industry groups. Go By Truck always focuses on positive innovation, and we encourage our industry partners to do the same by providing insightful articles, discussion topics and commentary. The Go By Truck company page on LinkedIn is a hub for shipper and carrier-related news, as well as a platform for exchanging ideas.

Other Platforms
You can also find a growing Go By Truck presence on Twitter (twitter.com/GoByTruck), Google+ (plus.google.com/ u/0/109536660629616214465/posts) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/GoByTruckInc).

Meet the Go By Truck Executive Team

Kevin Hiller, CEO and Co-founder

Kevin Hiller is the co-founder and president of Go By Truck. With more than 20 years of business experience and a natural innovator, Kevin is successful serial entrepreneur with the ability to develop visionary ideas and deliver to the marketplace the tools to change the transportation industry.

Dawn Strobel, President and Co-founder

Dawn Strobel is the co-founder and CEO of Go By Truck. With a skill set combining keen business acumen, fresh perspective, teamwork and a unique ability to translate compelling business strategies into practical, impactful execution, she focuses unrelentingly on developing new solutions through technology for the trucking industry.