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Support for the GBT Locating Mobile Application

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the GBT Locating Mobile Application?

The Go By Truck Locating application is a mobile application that uses a cell phone's GPS capabilities to locate the mobile user. The user has the ability to turn the locating feature on or off at any time. When the application is enabled, and a user's position is located, the application reports that position to our web servers. Trucking companies and shippers then have the ability to locate their driver or shipment at any time using the GBT Web Application. Shippers are no longer able to locate their shipment once a driver is disassociated from that shipment or turns off the mobile application.

Does the GBT Locating Application locate me all of the time?

The mobile application will locate you once every 5 minutes - if and only if you have it enabled.

What phones are supported?

The mobile application was developed for Android and iOS.

Who has access to my location?

The Carriers who employ drivers and associate drivers for a shipment can locate a driver if the mobile application is running. Shippers whose shipments have been assigned to a driver are able to locate that driver as well until their shipment has been delivered.

Are my previous locations tracked?

No. Once you are located, your next locate will over write your previous location. You are not tracked at any time.

Do I have to log in every time I want to run the application?

No. The mobile application has an auto-login feature to keep you logged into the application. You can switch users whenever you like on the Locate screen. You can then turn off auto-login if you prefer.

Do I have to keep the application active to ensure it is locating my position?

No. The application will run in the background on both the Android and iOS.

How often am I located?

The mobile application, once enabled, will locate a user every 5 minutes.

Why am I being located at random times when I know the application is on?

If you have Googles' Location Service enabled and your GPS configuration disabled, the Google Location Service will try its best to locate your position using its own methodology. This will spawn sporadic and often inaccurate locates. You will want to ensure your GPS service is enabled to get accurate and consistent service.

Does the application drain my battery quickly?

While testing the application with the GPS service enabled (and locating the phone's GPS position every 5 minutes), the Android Phone and iOS Phone both showed a small difference in battery life.