Go By Truck - Ship. Save. Unite

It’s simple

Who you do business with matters

  • Increased Income
  • Shipper Direct
  • Immediate Pay
How it works

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No Middlemen

Every shipment is shipper
direct. No brokers allowed

Rapid Payment

No factoring or Invoice submission

Full Back-Office

GBT handles dispatching, accessorial
requests, invoicing, payment and all paperwork

Immediate Freight Finding

Get freight notifications based
on your preferred lanes

Fleet Tracking

Locate & communicate with your fleet

100% Verified Shippers

Guaranteed payment, No credit checks needed

One network, endless opportunity

A feature set custom designed to give you the tools to succeed

100% Payment Transparency

Get Paid Instantly

24/7 Locating

En-Route Accessorial Handling

Automatically Dispatch Your Drivers

Exact Match Freight Results

Shipments Available 24/7

Rapid Shipment Matching

Electronic Driver Updates

No-Cost Setup (No monthly fees)

Full Invoice Handling

Find Freight Screen from Go By Truck SaaS Application

Access GBT in the office or out on the road

Search through our shippers, or bring your own.

Go By Truck provides you with the options to run your business the way that works best for you. Download the Go By Truck mobile app and let the freight come to you! Once you’re awarded a shipment, documents, communication and even payment can be handled, all from your mobile device.

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